Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Paint a Rose -2

After we have sort of satisfied in loading the brush...chosen the colors..we can start to practise on drawing the slightly smoother type as compared to grainy b├žos... the paper quality will affect the painting. Especially when we just start out..we tend to drag the brush or hold it heavily as I called what I do... This will transfer too much paint or dry-up the brush.... Best will be to try on basecoated wood material is my preferences... But here goes..

Here's a couple of roses that we can try to paint step by step. If observe closely..what differs will just be the stroke applied and petals positions and quantity. As a beginner... starts with the least numper of petals...learn the stroke ( how to make the stroke right)...its position and also if the colors look right to what you want....

Another easier try outs are these roses by Priscilla Hauser. Altough the full rose requires more know how but with these two worksheets found in her book we can easily start with something.

Methods by Priscilla Hauser

This page shows how you can positioned your strokes/petals in making up the rose.
Methods by Brenda Jansen
Happy painting!! I believe these different methods look softer than Donna Dewberry's. But.. in wanting to know when & how to use shading & highlights trying out DD One Stroke is much easier. Then..take an adventure and find out different ways you can paint your rose. I put up the steps by steps infront of my painting area..I also put up the pictures of roses I would like my rose paintings to look like...

This is free pattern frm Ros Singleton


Patricia said...

Thank you for sharing the 'how to do roses' pages.

I am new to one-stroke painting (only about 3 months old!), and I've been following Donna Dewberry on You Tube, as well as others who will share.

Maybe I am too old to be starting painting for the first time, and I'm not really good at all, but I so enjoy messing about with my paint!

Thanks again :)

rozie yusof-azlan said...

Hi Patricia... Thank-you for visiting... First and foremost..I enjoy colors..what else if not to start the beginning I was so horrified looking at all the practise comma strokes frm left&right.. straight lines etc.. In fact till today..I haven't even able to do many more strokes but.. I go ahead trying to just do it.. see how it looks..some ok..some not..never mind..we can repaint them..he..he..Age is no limits if the heart is still there with you..