Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Topiari and Welcome sign for Linda...

Just completed these today...After a long time due to many eventful happenings and short of materials..finally I manage to complete these 2 items for Linda. But I still have a few floral swags and cinnamon to complete for her. I am still practising my strokes..sometimes it looks good on paper while practising but it ends up slightly off on the actual surface..I am not that dissapointed though...but I know..I will have to be more consistent in painting while deciding which style to follow. Why I usually got stuck is because I will want want to be doing the strokes differently but my hand is so tuned to a certain that's it...and I need to decide whatis to be expected from all this....No matter what I enjoyed just doing them..and I hope the owner do too..for these items.

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