Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Other Passion ~ Floral Crafts

When I was working at an MNC few years..years back...I always see my staffs will have something to do during breaks...usually I do not pay any attention coz'I am the type if I want anything I will go look for it and buy..but one particular day..I see almost everyone was at it..doing the straw looks so simple and cute..I remember too about the straw cube I use to make when I was about 10yrs old or so..Hmm..I wonder if I can learn started with the straw flowers...than the sponge soap...a few more other things..Than I started making flower swags and wreath and decoupage at the same time..I also make those cuties in the small bottles with potpuri and stuffs....I dont have any of my decoupage stuffs in photo..but I make plaques..candles..soap..on bottles and boxes..

OK..but what I want to show here were the flower crafts that I have make recently and is taken the ones that I put up for myself...I can always make another...

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