Monday, July 20, 2009

Decorative Painting Supplies Malaysia

It's been 3 weeks far I have only manage to attend one class with Nora...I have bought some supplies at Creative Cottage at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya, Craft Haven in One Utama and at Art Friends in The Gardens...beside Mid-Valley. The craft suppliers although with similar but different set-ups..My opinions :

Supplies :
  • Creative Cottage in Amcorp Mall ...this has more personal touch..I like the ambience of friendly coaching and admire and get stuffs you want. Zahir the owner of Creative Cottage also gives classes. He does not stick to one style or stuffs..but he is flexible in teaching you what you want..the ones he's not able to..he will get his contacts to do so. You can see the stuffs that he do himself in decorative paintings covers various Ros Singleton, Ros Stallcup etc... He is quite regularly presented in magazines too. The supplies he carrys include Americana and JO Sonja...some brushes, rubber stamps, wood bases..and you can get him to show some steps if he do not have a clss going on.
  • Craft Haven in One Utama is one of the new establishment I frequented whenever I am in Malaysia.They have many supplies although some I feel is quite expensive but than again if you really need them than there's not much choices except to get them. If you ordered from internet supplies than maybe you can compare the variances. They have Jo Sonjas, Decoart Americana for DP supplies, wood boards,brushes, books..they also carry painting materials for other methods plus scrapbooking supplies. They have membership cards although the points you accumulated does not go towards any discounts of your immediate purchases...They have classes on specific days with teachers coming in. The ladies who are in store especially the one with short hair is pretty knowledgeable in advising and showing you some tips.
  • Art Friends in The Gardens....the mall itself is marvellous...the shop is the first time I have been there. Specifically to get Plaid Chalkboard in jars for RM35...but I got a 10% discount for applying to be a member for RM10 for 2 years..I believe paying the fee is worth it this time for the discounts on my total purchase. They have extensive supplies from wood boards, papers, brushes..and not for decorative paintings just. The paints for DP they have are Plaids&Applebarrel..I forgot if they have others but they don't have Jo Sonja's and no books...
As for individual can get Nora to teach you with a very reasonable fee and methods that you can understand to duplicate once you can get your bearing right. Her published book co-writers also conduct classes..beside that they are regular instructors for Laman Folk-Art workshop...which this 26th. July and sometime in Aug is held. If I am not mistaken...a decorative painting/folkart classes are conducted by another publisher of magazine. Got to check this out. Even prior to all these...when I first had an interest..I went as far as Balakong to a warehouse of craft supplies...

I bought some books this time thinking of how to haul it all back to Saudi... Kinokuniya, MPH...I found Painting Tiles by Dianne Trierweiler...Grand Summer Place from Creative Cottage and according to Craft Haven..they are getting some supplies this week... Although..I cannot complete my projects...due to insufficient supplies..I enjoy browsing the books I bought....

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