Monday, September 22, 2008

KIKA Stools - Painted but Not Varnished..

Today Ferial cancel the Quran class...what did I do with the time?I decided to start with the step stool wanted by Zahrah. I couldnt find a pattern so I was free-hand drawing the outline from..probably bcos I have to stop in between the lines sketch to answer the phone..I realise that the orientation of the roses and the gaps are inconsistent between the two sides..I guess..I will still offer if she wants it and I can also make another one using same pattern but by tracing them this time. I need to copy the photo and make the tracing from it... Anyway..these are the two step stool that is almost complete....Guess..if I am to be commissioned to paint a project by someone..I need to have a more standard pattern....

But I believe the individual flowers and leaves do look better today on both step stool..Only problem is putting the whole design together you can see the discrepansies....Wonder if I can keep these for myself?

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Zahirah Zaharuddin said...

Sis, your roses are so beautiful... I masih struggle dgn my roses :p