Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Practise..Practise..& To be Reworked Some...

This one has been reworked with a bloom to replace the leave&smudge ribbon a sbotton pic..

Actually...this has been reworked by adding some leaves and petals.. need to learn to use that more just eye-balling and some chalks points...

This need rewirk on right side..but maybe repaint if I couldn't figure how to do it..he..he..

While clearing my garage make space..just incase wanna do far takde ilham datang lagi....There were some pieces already gessoed b4 do some helps tremendously to speed up drying..and I practise again my roses.. still haven't moved to other flowers...Available items to be painted also limited..unless I want to move on to paint some of my wooden cabinets or quilt hanger....Not sure coz'I haven't get the skill to transfer patterns and follow them accordingly.... What I can say at the moment..most of my stuffs were painted without transferring patterns..I just use a chalk pencil and sort of sketch the placements....Shortcuts coz' I am pretty impatient to see how it is.... Since my aim is to practise the skills..I haven't really put things up for sale yet... If anybody just by chance like them and want to have it..than I will sell...if not it stays in my garage corner.. i am hoping with enough painted stuffs..I might joined some of the craft sale or mall-day etc... But for the time being.. I am in no rush... I still need to do some for my own..... he..he..

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